Colonoscopy: just naming it once scared me! Now I am easy about it.

CAD Colon im3D improves the diagnostic accuracy, and overcomes the annoyance and pain of conventional colonoscopy.

Mike aged 50. Real estate agent.

I'm fine and I will be fine. This certainly is called peace of mind.

The prevention of breast cancer must be continuous. Thinking about it, even once year, every year, allows us to live with no worries. CAD Breast DTS, the new technology in 2D and 3D mammography.

Jane. aged 45. Housewife

My employees' health is a valuable asset.

Prevention in business, protection of human capital, technology, service and swiftness: this is the revolutionary set of features that modern companies and institutions find when they choose im3D Clinic's services.

Craig. aged 45. Manager

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Master Class - Virtual Colonoscopy

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CTC - Disponibili i risultati degli studi SAVE e Proteus

Publish date: 12 July 2016

L'ONS ed il GISCOR hanno pubblicato un comunicato sui risultati dei trial italiani SAVE e Proteus Colon

Research and application of im3D proprietary technologies in oncological prevention